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Affordable, Search Engine Friendly Web Site Design Services

The Rayzz software is made up of thousands of PHP files that fit together like one of the world's most complex jigsaws. To an experienced developer, customizing Rayzz may be fairly straightforward as it follows norms and standards associated with design integration in to a PHP script and uses the SMARTY templating engine to assist with this. However, to inexperienced developers and people who don't know how to programme it can be quite difficult.

Our developers will take your design and integrate it in to the Rayzz software. Due to the many files that need to be edited the integration can take as long as one week to complete. During the integration the developers may need to alter or change the layout of your original design to ensure that it is compatible with Rayzz.

When Agriya integrates your design in to Rayzz we guarantee a fully working design that looks as close to the original website as possible. Your Rayzz website will be valid XHTML and CSS and semantically coded for search engine optimization.

What Does Design Integration Include

  • Complete integration of your design in to Rayzz
  • Valid XHTML and CSS coding
  • Semantic markup for better search engine optimization
  • Minor graphical and layout changes to make it compatible with Rayzz
  • Integration will take one week from the time work starts

What Does Design Integration Not Include

  • Extensive redesign to make it compatible with the Rayzz software
  • We cannot guarantee to work on your design integration immediately due to the design integration queue
  • Any kind of custom design to fit with the various pages of Rayzz
  • Integrating anything that may require PHP and mySQL changes (unless a fee has been agreed upon before hand)

Payment Options

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