Whitelabel Terms Overview

Becoming a whitelabel reseller of Agriya's products means that you can not only sell our products to your clients for what ever price you set, but you can also brand the products as your own - there is no reference to Agriya or our brand names.

This has huge benefits, such as:

  • Zero product development costs - your budget can be spent on marketing and advertising purposes
  • Zero product development time - you can go to market as soon as you are ready to go, rather than waiting on your product to be developed
  • Zero technical knowledge required - you don't have to be a programmer, just market and sell the products!
  • Build your own brand name - you can differentiate yourself or market the product in what ever way you want, and don't have to have any association with Agriya or our product brand names
  • Free technical support - we will provide whitelabel technical support to fix bugs in our scripts
  • Set what ever costs you want - if you think we're grossly underselling our software, you can charge whatever price you want and since it's a whitelabel solution, people can't compare your prices to other resellers.

There are hundreds more benefits from being a whitelabel reseller for Agriya's products, but if you are interested in being a reseller, we're sure you already know this!

We don't approve anyone to become a whitelabel reseller of Agriya's products. To start discussing whether or not whitelabel reselling is right for you, please send an email to reseller@agriya.com we will then have a conference with you to see if the partnership will be mutually beneficial.

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