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Do you want your viewers to own their own movie house? Channel offers to enhance your members’ video collection with the rich element of Video Sharing. Your members can share their blockbusters the professional way with an innovative video management system. With a sense of involvement, Channel offers Upload Video with a detailed form that can be filled up with Video Album, Title, Description, Tags, Video Category Type, Video Category that describes the video ad Sub Category Id.

Give your users the ultimate venue where they can share their cache of movie hits. When your users need to share their videos, they can choose exclusive options with Type that allows Public, Friends and Private viewing, Allow Comments, Allow Ratings and Allow External Sites to Embed This Video. Your users can Continue Uploading or Upload External Video. Vdeo Sharing also includes Upload My Video, My Video, My Favorites, My Video Albums and My Video Comments.

icon channel2Why Channel?

  • Easily customizable
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team to help you every step of the way!
  • It's a breeze to setup!
  • You get almost 100% source code
  • Attractive User Interface
  • Monetize your traffic with advertising!

icon channel2Is Channel Right For Me?

Channel showcases dynamic features that display Play List, Quicklinks and My Viewing History. Your members can also Browse Videos with Video Channel, Recently Added videos, take a look at Random Videos, enjoy Top Rated videos and keep up with the trends with Most Recommended, Most Viewed and Most Discussed videos.Channel extends your video buffs imagination with Most Favorite, Recently Viewed videos, Featured Videos, Most Linked and Most Responded videos. Your users can also search for their favorite videos with Video Tags or keywords. Offering a user friendly and simple video management system, Channel gives your users an exciting and exhilarating video culture with the charisma of Video Sharing.

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