About Photoz


Just Got Easier

Photoz is a photo and image sharing platform which enables your users to upload photo albums and portfolios to be showcased on your website. Websites like Facebook and Flickr have been built on the back of people uploading their photos and sharing them with their friends and there is still a huge hungry market for people wanting to share images and portfolios to gain more exposure for their work.

With incredible features like mass uploading, importing from other websites, geo-location (using Google maps), tagging, albums and paid memberships, Photoz is everything you require in a photo and image sharing solution.

Photoz also integrates a social networking element where your members can make friends, communicate and keep up to date with what each one is doing, such as seeing which images they like, new albums that they have created and sending messages to each other.

Incredibly easy to use, powerful and scaleable, you can make waves in the photo and image sharing market.

icon photoz3Why Photoz?

  • Easily customizable
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team to help you every step of the way!
  • It's a breeze to setup!
  • You get almost 100% source code
  • Attractive User Interface
  • Monetize your traffic with advertising

icon photoz3Is Photoz Right For Me?

Photoz has been designed to work for a broad set of requirements. From the individual, photographer or artist who wants to be able to showcase their photos or portfolio to the world, to a business looking to tap in to the photo sharing market, Photoz is flexible and scaleable enough to handle a whole range of uses.

For The Business / Entrepreneur

Photo and image sharing is huge with sites like Flickr allowing people to showcase their photography and art skills to the world, DeviantArt allowing graphic designers to show off their computer graphics work and Facebook allowing people to upload their holiday snaps, there doesn't seem to be any decrease in the demand to be able to upload photos and images. With the ability to comment on, rate and share the photos across various websites, Photoz is the perfect opportunity to create a high traffic, high value website. Since there is a captive audience, you can target ads based on the albums being uploaded or even take advantage of the Paid Membership and with a bit of customization you could set upload limits, picture resolution sizes, image viewing limits etc.

With minor customization and a little bit of entrepreneurship you could let members turn the photo albums in to real prints, mugs with photos on, calendars with different photos for each month, be sent as a framed gift for a birthday present and a whole lot more.

For The Photographer

Photographers often need to showcase their work to get new projects or even sell their prints. Whether it's for a fashion shoot or a wedding shoot, Photoz can be used to showcase various pieces of work, categorised by albums. Visitors can browse through each photo, leaving comments and rating them. Clients of the photographer can sign up for an account and get to know one another and have a better engagement with the photographer.

With minor customization, the Photographer could even turn the site in to a stock photo site and allow people to buy the images for use on their projects.Paid members could access higher resolution pictures as well as a whole bank of exclusive photos which they could download - providing the photographer with a fantastic revenue stream.

For The Artist / Graphics Designer

The artists' entire collection of work can be showcased using Photoz. Paintings in the same series can be entered in to an album so that visitors can see the work together. Feedback, comments and rating from the members allows the artist to see what work is appreciated the most and areas they might concentrate on in the future. The social networking element could allow members to exchange details of other similar artists, discuss art in general and get notified when new works of art are uploaded.

With some minor customization the Artist could allow members to buy prints and get it shipped to their home.

For The Modeling Agency

If there is one thing a modeling agency needs to show off, it's their models! The models can be separated using the Albums and prospective customers can browse the full portfolio that each model has to offer. Signing up for a membership allows the members to communicate with each other as well as rate and provide feedback on each of the models featured on the website.

With some minor customization, a modeling agency could tell visitors when the model is available, what kind of photoshoots they will do and allow the customer to book and pay for a model right from the website. The Paid Membership could allow the members to access the exclusive model section or even get discounts when they hire a model for a photoshoot.