About Rayzz 3.0

Rayzz 3.0

Ultimate Non-Stop Entertainment

Rayzz 3.0 is the culmination of 5 years of experience developing community portals for clients around the world. With videos, music, photos, blogs, discussions and more it is the perfect platform for your community members to view, share and upload content. With social networking features like activities news streams, adding friends and sending messages to each other, Rayzz enables you to run the ultimate online community website.

icon rayzz2.2Why Rayzz 3.0?

  • All in one Social networking site with video, photo, music, blogs, forums and many other great features.
  • Perfect for any online community website where members can come together, view, share, discuss and upload media
  • Very search engine friendly with optimized URL's to help your site get indexed
  • Reliable and robust, over 5 years worth of development experience means that you will spend less time fixing problems and more time building your community
  • Add videos, music and photos to quicklinks while you browse and save it as playlist to watch anytime
  • Quick and helpful online support technicians to help you out with any problems you might face
  • Easy to install with complete instructions provided
  • Stunning default design - your site will look awesome without any customization!
  • Monetize your website with paid membership options and advertising

icon rayzz2.2Is Rayzz 3.0 Right For Me?

If you are looking for a feature packed, stable, secure online community script with a focus on privacy controls and looks simply awesome then yes, Rayzz is probably right for you! When you choose Rayzz you will spend more time building your community and less time contacting our support desk (although you can pop in and say hello if you want).

Rayzz is for people who want their online community to simply work out of the box with no hassles, no complex script setups. Just pay, upload, install and you're good to go.

However, if you want to spend some more time customizing Rayzz then we'd love to be able to work with you to make that happen. If you are a talented designer, webmaster or programmer you can even have a go at customizing the site yourself thanks to the immensely flexible Smarty Templating engine.

Why not take the script for a test drive demo today?