• Posted by: zemenay hussein(mesay)

    Project Name: mesaynetworks

    Added On: April 15th 2010

    What an outstanding team. Our design team is really impressed with your company. From support to customer service. We really recommend Agriya to any serious professional who needs a great partners in their business.Every of our question was answered and the support team was with from the start to the end.
    Mesay Networks

  • Posted by: Dana Stamos

    Project Name:

    Added On: March 27th 2010

    We bought Rayzz soon after it was developed and have the largest martial arts video web site on the web today using the software. We have worked with the Rayzz support team for a long time and they have been more than helpful. They respond quickly. They are courteous, and they always go beyond my expectations in helping to solve any issues we develop. Thank you Rayzz support team, we love you!!!

  • Posted by: MorphBOTS Design Studio

    Project Name: RepYourRIDEZ

    Added On: February 18th 2009

    The Rayzz Team is superb. They are very professional and have been nothing but helpful. The software is extremely stable and bug free. It was money well spent! Great jobs guys..

    Twizz D. Ha - Exec Web Producer
    MorphBOTS Design Studio - eVOLVe with us

  • Posted by: Tim Schmoyer

    Project Name: Ministry Questions

    Added On: February 5th 2009

    After spending a considerable amount of time searching for a solid Questions and Answers site, I came across Anova. The purchase was definitely worth the price tag! The system is easy to use, the administration area is laid out very well, and their support has been amazing.

    Since my site required quite a bit of setup and customization, I've been using the ticket support system quite frequently. Thankfully, they respond and take care of my issues by the next business day. Their support is very complete and helpful, not generic "copy and paste" answers from a knowledgebase somewhere. It's always helpful information from a live person. In fact, they were even kind enough to include some custom work and server configuration for me for free!

    These guys are a great group to work with. I'm glad I made the purchase and will be happy to buy from them again.

  • Posted by: Zak Johnson

    Project Name: Swat

    Added On: October 30th 2008

    The script was awesome! Its been live for 1 month... No Major problems so i am rolling it out to my database now! Fingers Crossed!

    The guys over at Agriya are fantastic! They were helpful and still keep in touch to make sure its all going well, Fantastic Prodct and Fantaastic Service!

    Thanks Guys!

    PS I will be back to buy some more things soon!

  • Posted by: Valerie

    Project Name: my beta project

    Added On: September 12th 2008

    After doing plenty of research and test driving the script through Rayzz Demo Site, I decided to take the plunge and buy it! So far my site has been live for two months with no major glitches. I am very pleased with the functionality. Although we aren't famous yet, LOL, we are generating new users everyday who also seem to be happy with the site.

  • Posted by: Jennifer

    Project Name: Rayzz

    Added On: August 21st 2008

    I cannot say enough about the Rayzz script and the support staff. This is the third (and last) video sharing script I have purchased. It is by far the best, easiest and most flexible to customize. I look forward to working with this company for a very long time. Thank you!!

  • Posted by: Wolfbernz

    Project Name: BlogDumps video

    Added On: August 10th 2008

    I run one of the Hottest Blog directories on the web. I needed a community script with all the features of rayzz. I tried all the rest then I bought the best, Rayzz
    I bought my script a year ago and they are still ready to help me at anytime... Support after the sale? You bet! Agriya stands behind what they sell long after the point of sale. I had so many hits on my blog after I gave Agriya a good review I joined as an affiliate and have even made some money too.
    Thanks Agriya for all the help, forget five stars you get ten in my book!
    Have you been dumped?

  • Posted by: Dana L. Stamos

    Project Name:

    Added On: July 14th 2008

    We are absolutely thrilled with the software we used for our web site, and the support we get daily from the guys who developed the software. We highly recommend Rayzz and its developer Agriya. Thanks so much guys!

  • Posted by: Philippe K.

    Project Name:

    Added On: July 1st 2008

    When it was the time of getting a good value for excellent features it was natural to go with rayzz.

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