Custom Design

Affordable, Search Engine Friendly Web Site Design Services

If you need to make your Rayzz website completely unique then consider choosing our professional design service to create a high quality design suited to your site requirements. Our designers have been creating custom designs for Rayzz clients for over 4 years and know exactly what functionality is required in the layouts - meaning that not only can we create truly stunning layouts but we can also do them so much quicker than other providers.

We will work with you to create a style and layout that is perfectly matched to your site's target audience and ensure that it meets the design style and standards that users are used to seeing on other sites.

The entire design process can take between 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly feedback is given and the detailed nature of the feedback. You can greatly reduce the amount of time required to create your unique design by providing a number of sample websites that you like the style and colours of. Once completed, your design will be converted to static XHTML and CSS.

What Does Custom Design Include

  • Design for the front page and all relevant sub-pages for Rayzz
  • Valid XHTML and CSS coding
  • Revisions of the style and colour scheme
  • Delivery of all the PSD's at the end of the project

What Does Custom Design Not Include

  • Integration of the design in to Rayzz
  • Multiple layouts / styles / colours
  • Complete revisions of the layouts
  • Changes and modifications after it has been accepted by the client

Payment Options

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